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   For Your Business:

  • Simplify your marketing

  • Generate leads

  • Boost conversions through targeted, relevant and well timed offers

  • Capture your customers' attention

  • Automate customer service

  • Interactive e-books

  • Interactive white papers

  • Interactive PDF's

  • Interactive PowerPoint presentations

  • Interactive product manuals

  • Provide multimedia tutorials

  • Multimedia FAQ's

  • Interactive lead qualification

  • Interactive multimedia landing pages

  • Online interviews

  • Ideal for training

  • Fast turn around 

  • Affordable 

   For Your Customers:

  • Interactive

  • Personalized

  • Fun

  • Engaging

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Easy FAQ

Do you want to:

  • Stand apart from you competitors?
  • Generate more leads and sales?
  • Provide better quality customer service?


SmartGenies is an Interactive Content Marketing SaaS Software Platform which allows any sized company to create fully dynamic, interactive content and distribute that content via web, mobile, social and email channels. Prospects, customers and employees are bombarded with huge amounts of digital information today. We all spend a large amount of time each day sifting through this high volume of information, only to become exhausted and frustrated. Many times we end our search with no answer or resolution. Interactive Content Marketing is a new and unique approach which solves this problem and allows your company to stand apart from your competitors. It allows you to develop and distribute interactive content which fully engages the user in a two way conversation. This conversation is tailored to the user's specific needs and can present targeted offers, answers to questions, product or service information or customer service solutions which are contextually relevant and perfectly timed. 

In summary, our SmartGenies Interactive Content Marketing solution results in competitive differentiation, a much higher level of user engagement and satisfaction, many more leads and sales and decreased customer service and training costs.

In addition, our SaaS software allows you to develop highly interactive, multimedia training tutorials. It also allows you to repackage existing traditional content such as e-books, white papers, powerpoint presentations, PDF's, videos and product manuals into fully interactive, multimedia conversations quickly and at low cost. Another very important product offering is the ability to generate web self service applications for your customers and employees which dramatically reduce call, chat and email volumes, lower customer service costs and boost customer and employee satisfaction. Last, we provide comprehensive and detailed analytics which allow you to monitor trends, observe details of each user's content interaction and track every outcome (lead, sale, service problem resolution, etc.).

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