Create SmartGenie avatars that lead users through series of branching questions to allow their customers to quickly and intuitively get to the information they need
Replace static, flat logic websites (think FAQ pages, sales tutorials, support centers) with interactive branching logic that works more like interacting with a real person

(Mobile App is available on the App Store and Google Play)

Turnaround time for creation of a SmartGenie for a business has averaged 3-4 weeks

Record the voices and we are done!

We do a revision.

Go back to step 3, till you are happy

You review and provide us feedback and comments

We create a first SmartGenie draft

Give us the information you'd like to integrate in your SmartGenie

We Can Create a SmartGenie for You!

  • Interactive Walkthroughs and Training - We offer powerful walkthroughs and training solutions which combine Text, Images, Audio and Video into multimedia apps for your prospects, customers or employees.
  • Interactive Video - We can transform your existing videos into fully Interactive Videos, which allow viewers to click on the video to control the conversation, exit to your website or landing page, or fill out lead information.
  • Repackage existing traditional content – We can turn your white papers, PowerPoint presentations, PDF's, e-books, and product manuals into fully interactive, multimedia conversations quickly and at low cost.
  • Customer Web Self Service - We provide great solutions to allow your prospects and customers to get answers to their questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without calling your contact center.
  • Online Interviews – We provide online Interviewing solutions which gather critical information from users.

Some Solutions SmartGenies Provide

Fast turn around and affordable!

What Can SmartGenies Do For Me?

Just a Few of SmartGenies Features

You can be the genie in your SmartGenie!

In a SmartGenie application you engage in a conversation with a digital virtual persona. It works exactly like a real life conversation, but in this case the SmartGenie is virtual, not real.

How Does it Work?

SmartGenies Interactive Content is the Solution!

Why Do I Need a SmartGenie for My Business?

SmartGenies Demo

Where Videos Stop and SmartGenies Begins

We have many SmartGenie apps on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store.

We can deploy your SmartGenie app on these stores as well => great exposure for your business!

Many Deployment Options

Repackage your Static Content Into a Fully Interactive Multi-Media Conversation

What Our Customers Say About Us

We've created SmartGenies for a variety of vertical industries:

  • Solar Energy

  • Consumer Products

  • Direct Marketing

  • Legal Services

  • HR Services 

  • And More!

We provide interactive content solutions for every department of your company:

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Training

  • Customer support

  • Product

  • HR

  • And more!

SmartGenies Customer Examples

SmartGenies Interactive Content Creation

Our Interactive Content can be deployed in several different ways:

  • Embedded into websites

  • Distributed as standalone mobile applications

  • Used in email marketing

  • Run as a standalone interactive landing page

  • Share on your social networks

  • Triggered when a user enters a particular entry field or area within a software application or webpage

  • Embedded in a Kiosk

Video is a great tool and we use it as well. It is good for a short "commercial" about your company, 1-2 minutes, no more. But what happens if the user has a question or they are very interested in what they see? 

This is where SmartGenies comes in!

In this SmartGenie app, you will have a virtual conversation with Andrei Poludnewycz, the company’s CEO. He will explain how SmartGenies applications can help your business.

SmartGenies can make it interactive!

  • Interactive PDF's, white papers, e-books

  • Interactive videos

  • Interactive PowerPoint presentations

  • Interactive product manuals

  • Interactive landing pages

  • Interactive FAQ's

  • Interactive training

  • Interactive walkthroughs

  • Interactive interviews

  • New and unique approach
  • Allows your company to stand apart from your competitors
  • Provides interactive content which fully engages the user in a two way conversation
  • Tailored to the user's specific needs
  • Can present targeted offers, answers to questions, product or service information, multimedia training or customer service solutions
  • Contextually relevant and perfectly timed
  • Static digital content overload
  • Companies are desperately searching for a way to differentiate their content from their competitors 
  • Prospects, customers and employees are demanding more interactive content
  • Digital channel conflict

SmartGenies is software that allows you to quickly and easily create Interactive Content and distribute that content via web, mobile, social and email channels.

SmartGenies creates a virtual conversation that answers your prospect and customer specific questions, providing only the information requested in a timely and engaging way. There are many potential uses of our product which are listed below. With SmartGenies, your prospects and customers are in the driver’s seat!

Turnaround time for creation of a SmartGenie for a business has averaged 3-4 weeks. It is quick, affordable, and cost effective.

Our SmartGenies Interactive Content software solution results in competitive differentiation, a much higher level of user engagement and satisfaction, many more leads and sales and decreased customer service and training costs.

For Your Prospects, Customers and Employees:

  • Interactive
  • Personalized

  • Enjoyable 

  • Engaging

  • 24/7 self-service

  • Easy FAQ

For Your Business:

  • Simplify your marketing

  • Generate leads

  • Qualify leads 

  • Boost conversions 

  • Capture your customers' attention

  • Customer web self-service

  • Effective training

* Please make sure that your speakers are working!